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Buy any artwork, pay for it,
hang it and if you are not
happy you may return it
and receive what you paid
for the artwork in full.
(T&C's Apply)
Why Fine Art Source is unique? About Fine Art Source Why Join Fine Art Source?
Each member artist will receive an Username and Password that will enable the artist to add, edit and delete pieces of art exhibits to and from the Fine Art Source server from their in-house computer.

It is essential the artist has a connection to the Internet.

Fine Art Source is unique in that we are offering the buyer an opportunity to hang/place an artwork for seven (7) days to evaulate what the buyer really wanted. It may be returned for a full refund (T&Cs apply)

Fine Art Source has specially designed containers in which art will be collected/ delivered and returned.

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The Fine Art Source website has been designed to assist its members, irrespective of the chosen media. to display their fine art without incurring high marketing cost. Publishing art pieces on this site carries no cost at all and only when an offer is received for any of the art pieces, the webmaster of Fine Art Source will handle all aspects of the sale and be entitled to a 15% commission.

Fine Art Source has an easy to use shopping cart and offers payment in various forms to suit the buyer.

Fine Art Source offers the buyers a unique trial period to hang or place the artwork in a home situation to make sure it is what was wanted. Fine Art Source offers the buyer a 100% money back should the buyer find it is not what s/he wanted.

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Conditions of sale
Fine Art Source has expert knowledge of Internet marketing techniques which will be employed to make more sales.

Fine Art Source fully understands what is required to receive money, handle packaging and using couriers or/and postal service.

Fine Art Source will act as the middle man taking all the risk out of selling art pieces via the Internet for the artists as well as the buyers.

All money received will be held in trust until the sale has been completed. Fine Art Source will be entitled to hold back 15% as commission.

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