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Buy any artwork, pay for it,
hang it and if you are not
happy you may return it
and receive what you paid
for the artwork in full.
(T&C's Apply)
Welcome to Fine Art Source

This is an open invitation to all artists irrespective of media they work in to join our marketing efforts of art in general. We have created a portal via which every and any artist can publish their work directly onto the Fine Art Source website via access codes

Every artist may publish and sell their paintings or/and art pieces without having to pay high commissions or the need to host their own website.

To be able to publish your paintings/artwork you are welcome to register yourself with us (No cost involved). Once you have registered we will send you your access codes which will enable you to publish, edit and delete your art directly from your in-house computer to and from the Fine Art Source server.

The Fine Art Source software is supplied totally free of charge to all registered members.

All purchase enquiries received via the Fine Art Source website from buyers will be dealt with by Fine Art Source webmaster who will operate as the middle man between the buyer and the artist. Once the sale has been concluded Fine Art Source will receive the money from the buyer and instruct the artist to prepare the item(s) for collection by couriers. The artist will be paid by Fine Art Source via Electronic transfer once the purchased item(s) has/have been received by the buyer.
Fine Art Source is hosted and maintained by  SA Online
Updared last on 17 February 2019